WooCommerce is a great e-commerce solution for WordPress websites, but sometimes the shopping cart / basket model just isn’t appropriate. Order Form for WooCommerce gives shoppers a simpler way to fill their orders.

Just like a familiar paper order form, shoppers fill in the quantity of each product they want. A running total lets shoppers know how much they’re spending. Once the products are selected, with one click the shopper can checkout and pay.

Order forms are a much simpler interface for some popular use cases:

- Catering platters and baskets
- Winery cellar doors
- Special offer landing pages
- Wholesale orders (when used with a wholesale pricing plugin)

Optionally, the cart page can be completely replaced so that order forms are the only way to shop. Alternatively, order forms can be used side-by-side with the cart page, complementing the shopping cart for special cases or quick checkouts. Landing pages for special offers are easy to create, using product categories and tags to select the products for an order form.

Developers are well catered for too. We know what it’s like trying to shape someone else’s ideas to fit a client specification, so we’ve made it easy to customise with templates and action/filter hooks. Easily add custom data and change labels, even completely rearrange the order form to fit your needs.

Try out some real, working order forms online.


We build solutions for WordPress websites. Our focus is e-commerce, specialising in WooCommerce and Gravity Forms add-ons. All plugins are built for ease of use, and ease of customisation through templates and hooks.


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  • Simple order forms
  • Great for landing pages
  • Rapid checkout
  • Customisable templates
  • Action and filter hooks