Disqus Conditional Load Pro is an advanced version of Disqus Commenting System for WordPress. This plugin adds advanced features like lazy loading, shortcode, comments widgets, custom post type support, script disabling, etc. to your Disqus comments powered WordPress website.

Disqus comments are great mainly because it cuts out 99% of spam without using any extra plugins like Akismet. But you will get tired of those HTTP requests that Disqus sends whenever someone visits your pages/posts. Those huge HTTP requests can slow your website down by more that 15 seconds.

But with this plugin you can decrease your HTTP requests by more than 5 or even more. When using this plugin, it will not send any HTTP requests automatically when your page loads. Instead it will lazy load everything. That means only if the visitor goes to the comments section. There are 3 lazy loading options (On Click, On Scroll Start, On Scroll Down).

Disqus Conditional Load adds many other extra features too. You can use WooCommerce products and Easy Digital Downloads products. You can show Disqus comments anywhere on the page using a shortcode. You can adjust the Disqus comments area width, etc.

Joel James

A web developer from Kerala, India. I do develop products related to web and mostly these are WordPress plugins.


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  1. Used DCL Pro and it is the best plugin for Disqus users. I felt the decrease in loading time as soon as this plugin and it reduced the load that Disqus put on my site to a minimum. It also indexes comments in SEO now, so I recommend you have it. Disqus is good, but DCL makes it awesome!

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  • 3 types of lazy loading
  • Separate options for mobile/desktop
  • WooCommerce support
  • Easy Digital Downloads support
  • Comment count on button
  • Disqus comments as widget
  • Disqus Popular Comments widget
  • Beautiful inbuilt button styles
  • Use shortcode to load comments
  • Custom post types support
  • Adjust Disqus container width
  • Disable/enable count scripts