Ultimate Book Blogger is a must-have tool for any serious book blogger.

With UBB, readers can create and format book reviews faster than ever before. Book information is entered in custom field boxes, which then gets automatically formatted and displayed for you on the front-end of your site. To help speed up the process even more, you can automatically pull book details from Google Books or Goodreads.

The plugin comes with a variety of shortcodes you can use to display an archive of all your book reviews. Examples include:

1. An A-Z archive, sorted by book title.
2. An A-Z archive, sorted by author’s last name.
3. A sortable archive table, using Tablesorter 2.0.
4. And many more.

UBB also has taxonomy support for authors, publishers, genres, and series. You can use these to better connect your book reviews and use the built-in WordPress taxonomy archive pages.

The plugin also has a variety of widgets that are useful to typical book bloggers, including:

1. Social media widget that pulls follower numbers automatically (for some sites).
2. Progress bar that shows how many books you’ve read this year in relation to your goal.
3. Show the book(s) you’re currently reading.
4. Display the giveaways you’re currently hosting (updates automatically).
5. Display the books on any one of your Goodreads shelves.
6. Showcase your recent book reviews or reviews from this/last month.
7. List reviews by rating.
8. Display upcoming (scheduled) reviews.
9. Display upcoming (scheduled) book tour posts.

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  • Format book information
  • Automatically update review archives
  • Import information from Goodreads
  • Statistics about reviewed books
  • Customize star ratings
  • Create reusable author profiles
  • Show similar books
  • Schema.org Review markup
  • Widget: showcase recent reviews
  • Widget: display Goodreads shelf
  • Add-ons available