PayPal for WooCommerce gives you the ability to add a variety of PayPal products to your WooCommerce site quickly, easily, and seamlessly. With this plugin you will find a lot more features and flexibility than you will in the core PayPal integration included with WooCommerce or in other PayPal plugins, and our 40k+ active installs with 5 star review speaks for itself, especially when compared to other similar plugins.

PayPal for WooCommerce itself is free, and acts as a foundation to premium plugins we offer which add more specific functionality. With the free plugin installed you can browse our premium extensions which further enhance the PayPal experience for both buyers and sellers related to a WordPress / WooCommerce website.

Multi-Account Management

This powerful premium extension plugin gives the seller / site-owner the ability to send WooCommerce order payments to different PayPal accounts based on data included on the order. To be clear, this will NOT split a single order payment into separate PayPal receiver accounts. What this WILL do is send the entire order amount to one PayPal account or another based on rules that you create.


* You share a website with other people, and you want your product orders to come to your PayPal account while the other people’s product orders go to their own PayPal account.

* You sell both low-price items ($12.00 or less) as well as standard items, and you want to save money on PayPal fees by using a Micro-Payments account for the low dollar items, and a standard account for the standard items.

* You have separate PayPal accounts for separate businesses, but you’re selling products for both through the same website. You can create rules to specify which PayPal account should be used based on a specific product, category, or tag.

* You have separate PayPal accounts for your business in different countries. You could create a rule to send payment to one account or another based on the buyer’s shipping country or the WooCommerce store country.

Using our PayPal for WooCommerce Multi-Account premium extension you can manage the above scenarios as well as create rules to handle a variety of scenarios you might encounter. Currently, the plugin allows you to build rules based on:

* User Role
* Buyer Country
* Store Country
* Product Categories
* Product Tags
* Individual Products
* Transaction Amount
* Credit Card Type (for direct credit card processing gateways.)
* Currency Code
* More to come!


AngellEYE is an official PayPal Partner and Certified Developer. We build plugins for 3rd party platforms that seamlessly integrate a variety of PayPal products to suit the needs of any seller on any platform.

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