Do you have a piece of text which is repeated in a few places on your website? It could be a current special offer, next meeting time, product launch date, etc, etc.
So, what if you need to change one of those common snippets of texts? You have to go through your posts, pages, widgets and sometimes menu items, find all occurrences and change them all. This takes some time and not the most enjoyable task for your day. Plus, there is always a chance that you will miss a spot or two.
As WordPress developers who manage client’s websites we can feel your pain and came up with in-house solution to the problem, which is now offered as a simple yet efficient WordPress plugin which is guaranteed to save you time. WP Text Expander creates a page in WordPress admin where you can add your common snippets of text and define “terms”, for example, “launch_date” term may be defined as “September 1st, 2018”. Then you just use shortcode [mytext launch_date] anywhere in your site to get your text displayed. Of course, changing definition will propagate text change across your website.

Smart Foxes

WordPress professional developers from Canada fighting against over-bloated code and quick-workaround approach.

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  • Unlimited shortcodes for your text snippets
  • HTML or plain text can be used in text snippet
  • Shortcodes can be used in posts, pages, widgets, menus
  • Single domain and unlimited installs licenses available