This plugin allows you to easily create google map displaying markers, place cards, areas and polylines and then integrate this map into your WordPress website. You can create as many maps as you like - one for each of your blog pages if needed.

We know the plugin is unique because we have been looking for all these features when we first built our own blog and couldn’t find what we needed in any other plugin.

So what does it let you do? There are of course the basics - create markers and position them on your map, then display the map on your blog. This means you could e.g. show your customers the position of your shop. When clicking on the marker, an info window within your map could pop up and can include text, links and images.

But there is more - you can create place cards which show a “business card” on your map, naming e.g. your business and providing a link to your shop or office in google maps. Customers can use this to easily navigate to your location.

Then there are circles. These can be used to mark a certain area marked as a circle around a certain position. This could be used, e.g. for showing delivery costs by distance from a shop. Areas can also be marked by polygons, meaning you could define an irregular shape which is shown as an area. This may be used to e.g. mark nature reserve areas or boundaries of a property to be sold… there are many other cases where these might be useful. These also support info windows.

And the best one of all the features - polylines. They allow you to define a track along certain waymarkers on the map and then have them connected by a line. This is very often used for outdoor blogs to show any sort of track, e.g. for biking or hiking. These tracks can be created manually but it is also possible to import a gpx file and have a track within a map created automatically. Each track can optionally also display an elevation profile - very useful to see the amount of ascent and descent along the track.

Alastair Green

We built a hiking blog and struggled to find a map plugin that did what we needed. So we decided to do our own. We think it turned out very well and has functionality that we could not find in any other plugin, so we believe it's worth checking out. And our hiking blog is still going strong :)


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  • Variety of map types
  • Fit, toggle, size map
  • See map while editing
  • Unlimited number of markers
  • Marker type, size, color
  • Unlimited number of maps
  • Integrate into unlimited pages
  • Integrate using short code
  • Create circles
  • Create polygon areas
  • Create polylines
  • Import/Display GPX files
  • Show elevation chart