Editing WordPress posts and pages is usually awkward. Why switch between looking at your pages and the administrative back-end just to make changes? With The Wunderbar, you can edit posts, pages, comments and even widget content directly on your main site pages while you’re looking at them. Our fully WYSIWYG editor means you know precisely what your content is going to look like at all times.

Unlike the primitive built-in WordPress editor, you’ll see your fonts, colors, images in the context of your current work. Unlike complex visual composers, you’re not restricted to touching up a single paragraph inside a nested set of dialog boxes. Editing with Wunderbar is like editing with a word processor, using a word processor’s familiar formatting tools at the top of your screen. Wunderbar makes editing fast and simple because there’s no switching modes or screens, and a simple click of the SAVE button publishes your updated content.You can even insert existing pictures or files from your media library, or drag new ones directly onto the part of the page you’re editing.

The Wunderbar works with nearly any WordPress theme the moment you install it. There’s no need to be tied down to a particular theme or style.


Terra-Virtua has been building a better web since the web first became public. We started built our first website back in 1996 (the original website for CompUSA) and have developed hundreds since then, using—and often inventing – the best tools for the job at hand. Our approach to web…

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  • - Change your site as you navigate
  • - 100% in-context WYSIWYG display
  • - Works with most any theme
  • - Edit posts, pages, comments
  • - Insert tables, hyperlinks, media
  • - Drag-and-drop images onto your page
  • - Multi-level undo
  • - No Setup required
  • - Doesn’t require modifying themes
  • - Source code editing too