Theia Smart Thumbnails for WordPress gives you complete control over your thumbnails. Instead of cropping your images by hand, you can now simply pick a focus point for each of your images – e.g. a person’s face, an object of interest, etc. – and all of your thumbnails will be automatically regenerated to properly center around that point. Your website will become much more aesthetically pleasing and easier to view.

One of the more advanced features is “Crop to fit”, which is very useful for fashion or ecommerce websites. Suppose you have a landscape or portrait image with a uniform white background. You don’t want it to get cropped, even if you can adjust the focus point. You would much prefer if the entire image is kept intact, and “filled” with background color where needed. Theia Smart Thumbnails can do just that and more. This is just an example - it works with any image size or background color, as long as it’s uniform.

Advanced options include picking a global focus point as a default, custom settings for each available thumbnail size as set by the theme you are using, and cache-busting if you are using a CDN.


We are a digital agency that specializes, among others, in WordPress development. Our premium plugins range from post sliders to thumbnail enhancers. Ultimately, we hope to provide you and your users with a richer web experience.

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  • Full control of thumbnails
  • Save time
  • Customize the cropping zone
  • Extremely easy-to-use
  • Works with existing images
  • Live preview
  • Works with any theme
  • High-quality code
  • Receive support and upgrades