WooCommerce Memberships is a complete membership solution integrated with WooCommerce to sell or give membership access to your customers. You can sell memberships by tying plan access to one or more products in your shop, or you can manually assign memberships to customers. You can even tie memberships to subscription products created with WooCommerce Subscriptions to create recurring billing for memberships, as the two plugins work seamlessly together.

Memberships lets you restrict pages, posts, and custom post types easily. You can restrict entire post types, taxonomies (like categories and tags), or individual posts. Memberships is also tightly tied to your WooCommerce products so that you can restrict product viewing or purchasing to your members. Members can get discounts on your products automatically as part of the membership.

Both content and product restrictions can use content dripping so you can delay access, preventing someone from signing up and downloading all of your content at once. Dripping can even exclude free trial periods generated with Subscriptions.

Member management is advanced and lets you easily communicate with members. Customers can have more than one memberships, so you can quickly view all member details and add notes to the membership. You’ll also benefit from integrations with tons of other WooCommerce extensions, such as the payment method of your choice.

WooCommerce Memberships requires WooCommerce 2.2 or newer to function.


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  • Seamless WooCommerce integration
  • Integrates with WooCommerce Subscriptions & tons of official extensions
  • Sell or gift memberships to customers
  • Allow multiple memberships per customer
  • Restrict any content on your site to members-only
  • Drip access to content so members can't download all content at once
  • Restrict product viewing or purchasing to choose whether products help to sell memberships
  • Provide automatic member discounts on products or product categories
  • Easy member management
  • Use member notes to track member information or communicate with members